Playing the Game

Key Topics:

Characters How the different characters differ from each other.
Multiplayer How to play StarKnights on the Internet. How to create and join games that interest you.
Space Travel Explore the Universe, find the best positions for your colonies and find the location of your enemies. How to get the the maximum speed from your fleets, and how to use Warp Drives.
Production Have your empire produce anything from minerals to advanced ships and weapons.
Import/Export How to efficiently move goods between your colonies using automated freighter fleets and starports. How to Use the Freighters and Colony Reports to keep your economy running smoothly.
Trading Use the Tradepost to exchange goods with other players. Trade is a powerful tool that can dramatically speed up the developement of your economy.
Empire Defenses How to use strongholds plus other strategies you can use to protect your colonies.
Fleet and Ship Design How to design colony, admiral, and combat fleets for maximum efficiency.
Space Combats How to defeat enemy fleets in real-time space combats. Attack actions, hotkeys, and more.
Skills and XPs How to improve your character's skills using Experience Points (XPs), and how to gain XPs.
Win the Game! How the game is won and how to complete a mission.
Register for more fun! Why and how to register your StarKnights account.