Space Combats

Fight your way to the enemy's colonies and take out their fleets! To win a combat, "all" you have to do is to take out the enemy's Flagship.

Refer to the Combat Screen Help for details on using the controls.

Defend your Flagship

What is good for the enemy is good for you too. If your Flagship gets blasted, you're toast, and so is the rest of your fleet. That being said, by all means, protect your Flagship!

It helps if you design your Flagship so it keeps clear of the enemy's line of fire. A flagship is the last ship to enter the battle, thus it always starts behind the other ships you have. Control your ships so it keeps the same formation throughout all the combat.

Use Decoys

Ships tend to attack the closest enemy ships first. By skillfully maneuvering faster and cheaper ships around the enemy ships, you can effectively divert their fire away from your more expensive ships.

Kill Fighters First

By default, small fighter ships are not attacked if there's a bigger bird to attack in the vicinity. If the other player uses only fighter ships to kill you, donít go after the fleeing mother ship but kill the pesky fighters first!