Abilities List

Attack Bonus : Boost up the attack power of your ships' weapons.
Add 10% per level to the fire power of each ship.
Full : DarkKnight
Denied : Marchant
Defense Bonus : Improve the capacity of your ship's shields.
Add 10% per level to the shield power of each ship.
Full : StarKnight
Denied : Navigator
Trade : Get discounts and good deals with the TradeMaster at the Tradepost.
Raise TradeMaster Bid by 5% per level.
Drop TradeMaster Ask by 5% per level.
Full : Merchant
Denied : Republican
Navigation : Increase the speed of your ships in combat mode as well as interstellar travel.
Raise each ship speed by 10% per level.
Full : Navigator
Denied : StarKnight
Production : Increase productivity of your facilities.
Allow all buildings to run an extra turn per level per round.
Full : Republican
Denied : DarkKnight
Alien Communication : Communicate with Aliens and trade in special gadgets.
Allows you to buy more powerful gadgets in each level from the Tradepost.
Full : Merchant
Limited : StarKnight
Oracle : Allows you to have a look at the other sectors near your home planet
Look one step further per level in the Universe Map.
Full : Navigator
Limited : DarkKnight
Extraction : Increase the quantity of mineral extracted from your planets.
Extract 1 extra mineral per level per planet.
Full : Republicain
Limited : Merchant
Leadership : Allows you to control more fleet.
Allows you to control 1 fleet per level.
Full : Navigator
Limited : Republicain
Authority : Allows you to control more ship.
Allows you to command one ship per level in each fleet.
Full : StarKnight
Full : DarkKnight
Limited : Navigator
Hierarchy : Increase your final score in the Hall of Fame.
No Constraint