Production is a very important part of the game. You can produce several goods, including metals, fuel, explosives, ship components and hulls. You can use these goods to produce more complex products, exchange them in the Tradepost, or put them onto your ships.

Here is the production tree, in printable format.

The Production Tree is perhaps the most difficult things for new players to get used to. There are just so many items you can play with in the game! Fortunately, only a small numbers of them are useful for normal operations. The others are used to build special gadgets and components.

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Part 1

Part 2

Browsable Production Tree

On several screens throughout the game, you see those items's icons: just click on them to access a browsable Production Tree!

For example, you click onto your Factory on your Home Planet. You see it is currently building Structures. At the right, you see Structures are built from Aluminum and Steel. You can click the Aluminum or Steel icons to know where those materials are coming from using the browsable Production Tree!

Production Stategies

While producing the more basic goods of the game, like Aluminum, Steel and Structures, yourself seems like a good idea. You might want to focus on a few advanced components only and build more of them than you require. Trading the extra components will get you the other advanced components you need more quickly and at a lower cost.

Production Skill

The production skill can multiply the speed at which a building produces goods. Of course, to benefit from such a bonus, your colony must have a multiple of each of the required goods, too. Thus, you will probably need to set the import/export settings accordingly.