Fleet and Ship Desing

Fleet and Ship Desing

The Flagship

The Flagship is the most important ship of your fleet. Have it killed and the whole fleet is disbanded and lost. Having an Escape Pod on board helps but why run the unecessary risks? Design your Flagship to NOT attack but to flee and defend. Have it carry, for example: Putting specials and precious items onto your Flagship is a good idea since you wouldn't want to lose them. To illustrate this, imagine you lose only one ship in a battle help in a foreign sector (happens all the time :) and imagine that it was that ship that carried the Warp Drive required to travel through Stargates... Yup, with no Warp Drive, your fleet is stuck in that sector!

Speed Considerations

Your fleet will be as fast as the slowest of your ships. That makes sense, the faster ships need to wait for the slower ones, otherwise your fleet would spread itself! Just be careful, if you have a ship that is much slower than all others, get it a better drive or move it out of the fleet!


Add "Fighter Bay" components onto the ships of your fleet. This way, the fighter ships will be able to dock there and won't count as a ship in your fleet! This allows you to make an extensive use of your fighters without the need of large fleet.