Space Travel

You can pilot your fleet across the galaxy from star to star from the Sector View.

Flight Paths

When traveling into unexplored space, you need to visit the closest star first. You'll see white lines being drawn to the most distant stars as you progress. These are the Flight Paths. Once all stars have been explored, you can ignore the paths and travel straight to any star you want.

Flight Time Units

As turns pass, your fleets accumulate flight time. You can then use those time units for interstellar travel. The distance you can reach with a certain amount of time units depend on the speed of your fleet. The faster your fleet, the farther it can go with the same time units.

Fleet Speed

The maximum speed of your fleet is the speed of the slowest ship you have with you. That makes sense. If you don't won't your slowest ships to be left behind, you have to wait for them. The speed of each ship is determined by its propulsion and mass. Propulsion is created by adding Drive Components to a ship. However, the more components you add on a ship, the higher its mass becomes, and that can slow down your ship significantly.

Warp Drives

Warp Drives are space-time distortion devices you can use to shrink the space-time continuum in front of your fleet. Doing so allows your fleet to travel in time, speeding interstellar travel by up to 10 times!

The standard Warp Drive has no multiplication factor. It doesn't increase the speed of your fleet but allows one to travel through stargates.