Compete against other players from everywhere around the world!

Connect to a StarKnights Server

You can initiate the Multiplayer mode by clicking the Internet icon on the Title screen. Create or select an account. You can create several accounts, no problem. It's free!

Then comes the Connect screen which allows you to connect to a StarKnights server. Once connected, the Server dialog box will pop up.

You may play several games at once. You'll find the list of all the games you are in by clicking the 'My Games' tab.

This where you can access every multiplayer features of the game. To start playing online, you can either join a game or create your own with the settings you choose.

Create a Game

First click on the 'Mission' tab. Select one and click the 'Create...' button at the right. The Game Creation screen will appear.

Join a Game

First click on the 'Games I Can Join' tab. Select one and click the 'Join...' button at the right. The Join screen will appear.

There are two game settings you might want to look at when joining a game. The first setting is the game's speed, the rate at which turns pass. The fastest speed setting is real-time, (playing multiple games at once is NOT a good plan!), while at the slowest speed setting, you could do well enough by playing only a few times a week.

The second setting is the mission. Look carefully at the mission objectives, one can win without taking all other players out!