StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 4

Fight Pirates!

Unless you altered the default import/export settings, your Freighter Fleets should now be moving Coal from planets on which it is extracted to the Foundry. If you enter the Foundry, you'll see that 5 Coal and 5 Iron are used to produce 1 Steel. The same Freighter Fleets will come pick up Steel as soon as 5 items are available for pick up. That's good, our factory shall now have ample supplies of metals to produce large quantities of 'Building Structures'.

Also worth of mention is that the factories can produce only one item each turn. However, once your character earns enough XPs, you can improve your Production Skill and make produce several items each turn.

Now, building stuff is cool. But wouldn't it be even better to capture colonies, components and minerals? Well, this is the next objective... engage a Pirate Fleet, capture their base and salvage the various jettisoned ship components!

Move your fleet to the Pirate's planet and you will be involved in a melee. Melees are generally considered to be the most exciting part of StarKnights, but you may choose to let the autopilot do the job. Once the enemy has been destroyed, use your Skid ship to salvage the floating ship components.

Freighter Fleets are moving cargo between my colonies.

Hello Mr. Pirate.. I'm coming after you. That's 4 ships against one.

And Boom! Haha! Too easy... Let's use the 'Skid' ship to pick up the components

Cool, I invaded the colony and look at the stuff on the planet. I'm Exporting all items right now.

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