StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 5

Colonize a Sandland and build a Chemistry Plant

Killing Pirate Fleets can be a lot of fun and very rewarding but let's not base our whole economy on it... To build Ship and Component Structures ourselves, we'll need Electronic Chips and Carbon Fiber. These are all produced on a Sandland planet.

Bring a load of Building Structures (more are available on our Home Planet) and fly to a Sandland. Construct the usual Resource Colony, Starport, and Solar Plant. This time, however, there are two advanced buildings to create. Build a Chemistry Plant and an Electronics Plant. They will produce several items, but focus your attention on Electronic Chips, Advanced Chips, and Carbon Fiber.

Again, all items are automatically exported when enough are available - look at the 'Export Orders' box left of the planet landscape... The colony will also need to import a few materials like Gold and Germanium, which are produced on our Jungle colony. Notice how the import orders are automatically set.

There was a Sandland near my Volcanic Planet...
Woo! Adding all these building can be expensive!

At the left, the Import (top) and Export (bottom)
orders have been set automatically.

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