Real-Time Combat. Take out the enemy's admiral ship to win!

Some Shortcuts:
TABto activate the next ship
1 to 9to activate ship #1-9 (ship #1 being your admiral ship.)
Click on targetselect ship
Dbl-Clickselect all ships
Shift and Dbl-Clickselect all armed fighters
Right-Click on targetperform default action - goto or attack
ASelect Attack Mode, then click on a target
DSelect Defense Mode, then click on a target
EEvade from enemies
HHold Position
PToggle Auto-Pilot On/Off

(Click an element of the image for a description)
1. Combat Window The Combat Windows shows a small area of the battle arena. You can make any ship the Active (or Selected) Ship by clicking on it. The active ship is always highlighted with its Weapon (Red) Bar and its Shield (Blue) Bar. Notice also the double ellipse under the Admiral Ship. The ellipse is always of the color of the player.

Manual Control: To manually control the active ship, use the arrow keys. The CTRL key fires your weapons.

2. Action Buttons These are the actions you can give to the active ship.
Move(Default Action) Click the position on the Combat Window or Radar Window where you want the ship to go. Right-click also does the trick. Hotkey: M
Attack(Default Action) Click the position or enemy ship on the Combat Window or Radar Window you want the ship to attack. Right-click on an enemy also does the trick. Hotkey: A
FleeOrders your ship to retreat, and to stay clear of enemy fire. Hotkey: F
DefendClick the friendly ship on the Combat Window or Radar Window you want the ship to defend. Your active ship will then follow the friend ship and attack any enemy getting too close. Hotkey: D
StopCancels any previous order. Hotkey: S
HoldCancels any previous order and orders the ship to hold its position, no matter what happens. Hotkey: H
Auto-Pilot(Initial Action) Let the AI (computer) control the ship. Hotkey: P
3. Radar Window Shows all ships involved in the combat. Friendly ships in Green, enemy ships in Red. You can click and drag into the Radar Window to move the Combat Window to anywhere you wish.
4. Color Button This button toggles the color the radar uses for enemy and friendly ships. The alternate choice is to use the player's own color.
5. Spec Windows Gives information about the active ship like its picture, name, position and speed, current orders, etc.
6. Weapon Button Use this button to activate and desactivate some or all the weapons your active ship can fire.
7. Retreat Button Use this button to flee from the combat. Might get handy if things are going bad for your side or if you have no firepower and the chances of winning are nil. Warning: It might takes a few seconds before your fleet can engage into hyperspeed without your ships being able to retaliate.