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Background Story

3256 AD, StarKnights Academy, Sarrakis Homeworld.

“Peace in our sectors is threatened,” announced the First Knight in a matter of fact tone not echoed in the alarmed murmurs of the assembled StarKnights. “Our spy network reports increasing activity among our enemies in the nearby sectors.”

“Enemy” sounded a bit strong to many of the older StarKnights attending this unprecedented meeting. Enemies? Surely they knew each other too well for that. Hadn’t they trained together? But now it seems their former brothers in arms were up to something...

“We have reports that the DarkKnights are gathering and assembling what must be considered a sizable force,” continued the First Knight. “Both of which we strictly forbade them to do when they were forced into exile”.

Although the nature of the DarkKnights gatherings remained unknown, the facts spoke for themselves. It could mean only one thing. Many had considered it inevitable that the DarkKnights would seek revenge against those who had judged them... Now it was upon them: the uprising.