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BUILD and manage your empire in this captivating and addictive ONLINE space strategy game. Compete against human opponents and AI-CONTROLLED aliens! Registering the game provides a few ADDITIONAL features but is not mandatory. Get the FREE playable demo here! DON'T WAIT : come give it a try!

MULTI-ACCOUNT support lets you play several characters, each with its own personality and abilities. KEEP each character's SKILLS throughout all your games. DEVELOP your character's personality by completing MISSIONS and achieving goals.


Main Menu StarKnights features 3 playing modes:

Buy hulls and outfit a fleet with only a few clicks then test its worth in Real-Time Combat!


This is where you play one mission at a time, winning through clever management of your empire and planets and strategic use of the best fleet your resources can build.


Now wouldn't it be fun to play the Melee and the Full Game Modes Online? Well, that's what's StarKnights is really all about. Come give it a try!

DESIGN your ships from scratch, assembling them from any components you can build or acquire through trade. CHOOSE from 25 SHIP hulls and over 45 different ship components, weapons and special devices.

Print the Production Tree: [Part 1][Part 2]



The TradePost provides a REALISTIC supply and demand based economic system for the game. EXCHANGE nearly 100 goods and components with other players and aliens. BUYING, processing, and finally selling goods back at the tradepost is one route to becoming a POWERFUL and wealthy industrial magnate. Automated FREIGHTER fleets handle the burden of moving MINERALS and components throughout your colonies.

In REAL-TIME fleet combat you can control each of your ships in one of the three ways: MANUAL (direct the ship with the keyboard), COMMAND (issue commands like Attack, Defend, Flee, Hold... to the ship) and AUTO (let the AI control the ship)

Real-Time Combat

Planet Landscape

Colonize 13 different planet types, each with its own LANDSCAPE, intrinsic properties and minerals. Develop your colonies by erecting some of the 22 BUILDING TYPES and facilities available. Plan wisely and your colonies will be the key to ASSEMBLING and maintaining your galactic forces.

TRAVEL the Universe and use STARGATES to warp to different sectors of the galaxy. Use PROBES to scout unknown systems and locate INHABITED worlds and other planets rich in minerals.



PLAY simultaneously with up to 32 players in the same game on the 3 StarKnights Servers. Use the INTEGRATED chat system to schedule Melee fleet combats or to recruit TEAM members to form your own ALLIANCE !

"Admiral, now is the time to show what you can do! But remember, take the time to expand your empire and strengthen your economic position. Only then will you be able to build your fleet into an effective war machine, capable of protecting your empire and crushing the opposition!"

StarKnights Academy's Recruitement Guide, p.16