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- StarKnights -
StarKnights are idealists who seek to maintain order thoughout the galaxy. While their authority is questionned by other groups - like the dreaded DarkKnights - they are well respected and their actions are usually welcomed. Loyalty and respect of the Dogma are their trademark.

- DarkKnights -
The DarkKnights are a small group of former StarKnights who were forced into exile for a wide range of crimes against their community. That's why they have basically the same abilities as the StarKnights. But where the StarKnights earn respect through loyalty and justice, the DarkKnights dominate with terror. Often referred to as Lone Wolves, these outcasts seldom made contact with other beings. However, they have recently regrouped and are now training a new generation of Admirals to challenge the hegemony of the StarKnights Academy.

- Merchants -
Considered by many to be mere profit-hungry mercenaries, Merchants nevertheless know their stuff. Through their strategic alliances with DarkKnights and other warriors, they too have learned how to fight. Yet trade remains their weapon of choice, providing them the resources to quickly assemble armadas adapted to any threat or mission.

- Navigator -
Filii Magellanis, or the "Sons of Magellan," are admirals who devote their lives to expanding the frontiers of KNOWN SPACE. These seasoned Navigators can push their vessels to amazing speeds and benefit from a kind of sixth sense when they have important decisions to make. Adept at finding the richest planets ahead of the competition, they have the savvy to turn their discoveries to their advantage.

- Republicans -
Members of the People's Republic are contented folks, living happily on their few planets. They are more inclined to maximize the productivity and quality of life on their homeworld rather than to seek new worlds to colonize. Reluctant as they are to explore space themselves for fear of jeapordizing their hard-won prosperity and security, they fear the arrival of alien explorers even more.