StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 7

Use your Ship Structure to build a Probe

Excellent! Now let's build that Probe. Click on your Shipyard and use the 'Change' button to add one Probe into the production queue. Then click 'End' a few times, until the Probe is completed. You can also use the scroller right of the 'End Turn' button to skip turns faster.

A Probe is a small cheap and autonomous pod you can use to spy on the enemy players' positions, strength and weaknesses. A Probe is ready to be launched as soon as it is built: you don't need to add a Warp Drive or any other component.

Still on our Home Planet, we
open (click on) the Shipyard...

The Shipyard in all its glory...

I hit the 'Change' button and then
I 'Add' a Probe into the Production Queue

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