StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 8

Create a Probe Fleet

Now we have a Probe. However, we must still turn it into a fleet. Return to the Shipyard on your Home Planet and design a new fleet.

Well, you're right. A Probe isn't worth much design as you can't customize it... Still, click the 'Add Fleet' button and select the Probe hull.

That's it. Close the Shipyard and the System windows and there you have it, a Probe fleet! If you had a ship hull ready, you could have turned it into a fleet the same way.

But first, let's use that Probe. Choose it from the Fleet Combo Box located just below the 'End Turn' button to have it blink (you could also click on the Probe icon to activate it) and head toward the Stargate with it... A box will appear, select 'Enter Stargate' and your Probe will be warped into a new sector.

I could see the little Probe icon on my Home
Planet. Let's try that 'Add Fleet' button...

Nice... I now have a Probe Fleet!

Back on the Sector View,
I activate the Probe fleet...

And here's the Stargate...

[I must fortify my positions now... >>]