Use the shipyard to build ship hulls and to design your ship and your fleets.

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1. Fleets This combo box contains the name of the fleets currently stationed on this planet. Click a fleet to activate it. Use the 'Add Ship' button to add a ship to your active fleet.
2. Fleet Details Here is the details of every ship of your active fleet. The buttons at the bottom allow you to rename, reassign, or upgrade a ship. When you reassign a ship, you can move it to another fleet, or split it back into its components.
3. Upgrade Shipyard Upgrading your Shipyard allows you to build larger hulls.
4. Production This shows which hull, if any, the shipyard is currently building. Click 'Change' to change the production.
5. Components When you build (or buy) a hull, it comes with a very basic generator, drive, shield, and no weapon. Use the empty slots to add such components to your active ship. But be warned, each hull has a maximum cargo weight it can support: heavy components might not fit onto a small hull.