This screen allows to view and edit a building's production queue and status. Click on the Required Materials list to access the browsable Production Tree.

(Click an element of the image for a description)

1. Production Queue This list box shows the current production queue for this building, starting from top to bottom. The production will start even if not all required goods are available. However, if the required goods remain unavailable, the production will automatically switch to the next item in the list, leaving the unfinished production for later.
2. Required Goods A list of required minerals or basic goods to complete the production of the specified product. Each required good has an icon, name, and the quantity needed.
2. Add to queue Adds a good to be produced at the end of the building's production queue. You may want to add a particular good several times to produce more of it.
3. Delete Delete the current item selected in the production queue.
4. Repeat Toggles the Auto-Repeat flag. When this flag is off, the building switchs to idle mode once it is done. Turning this off can be useful when producing advanced components or ship hulls.
5. Production Progress A progress bar indicates how much work has been completed and how many turns are still required to produce the specified good.