StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 3

Colonize a Jungle planet and build an Electrolysis Plant.

Okay, provided there is enough Coal available, our colony should begin producing Steel shortly.

Now, we will also need some Aluminum. If you click the Factory on the Home Planet, you'll discover that Aluminum is the other metal we need in order to produce Structures. Aluminum is produced by separating the metal from Aluminum Oxide.

Oxides are found on Jungle and Wetland worlds. Let's establish another colony where we can find Aluminum Oxide in abundance and erect a Resource Colony and an Electrolysis Plant. If there's no such planet orbiting your home sun, travel to the nearby systems.

Like with the Foundry, you will need to build a Solar Plant first. A Solar Plant provides the energy your colony requires to operate. This is especially important on this colony since an Electrolysis Plant requires lots of energy to produce Aluminum. And finally, you'll need a Starport to export the Aluminum to your other colonies. Exported items are sent to the Tradepost which acts like a stash.

Of course, you don't have to remember all this. Make sure you print the Production Tree. You may also want to use the browsable Production Tree within the game.

The Factory is building Structures using 1 Steel and 1 Aluminum.

The browsable Production Tree is here to help us too. You get it by clicking the items' icon.

After visiting a few stars, I finally found one with a Jungle world around it.

And build the obligated Solar Plant and Electrolysis Plant.

[I'm ready for a fight! >>]