StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 11

Colonize other sectors!

You now have a warp drive. You've seen an adjacent sector, and you've fortified your jumpgate to prevent enemy incursions. Now it is time to claim some new territory for the greater glory of your empire!

In the Shipyard, on your shuttle, replace one of the components with the Warp Drive. Leave the engines on for speed, and keep the Cargo Bay on the Shuttle so you can carry structures. Weapons can be taken off temporarily, as you do not expect a fight. Load your fleet with Structures, and enter the jumpgate.

In this new sector, take any planet and colonize it. A Jungle world or Wetlands would be useful to speed up the production of Aluminum. Do some exploration and build a Resource Colony and a Starport wherever you choose.

I took off the Laser Cannon and I'm about to install my new mighty Warp Drive

Here I am, I've got my fleet ready to colonize a new sector!

After visiting a few stars, I chose a star with a Jungle world around it.

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