StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 12

Build and add a second Shuttle to your fleet!

You have an empire spanning two sectors now. Now is a good time to upgrade your fleet. To do this, you need to build another hull. This is done at the Shipyard where you built the probe.

Keep engaging Pirates fleets. After a few battles you shall have enough ship components to fully equip a brand new ship. Not only that, this will also give you all the Ship Structures you'll need to build a new Shuttle ship! Open up the Shipyard and change its production for a Shuttle. Wait a few turns until the Shuttle is completed and add it to your fleet using the 'Add Ship' button from the Shipyard (you'll need to unassign a Mosquito Fighter Ship first). You may now install the various ship components you gathered and make your Shuttle a deadly addition to your fleet.

A good ship requires four basic components: a power generator, a shield, an engine, and a weapon.

Back to the Shipyard again to change the production...

After 4 turns, my new shuttle is ready.

And why not equip it with all the Pirate leftovers I salvaged earlier..? hehe!

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