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StarKnights Version History

New in v0.9.9.23
  • Made the game more Vista compatible
  • Windows positions will now be remembered
  • Fixed an issue where the AI could capture planets without getting trapped in the planet defenses
  • Fixed a crash related to using the wheel button in combo boxes
  • Cursor won't reset anymore when moving goods in the Starport
  • Fixed some shortcut keys not working in some occasions (ex: Esc on the Resource Colony)
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.22
  • Setting a ship in autopilot mode when it is being destroyed no longuer revives it ;)
  • Changed the Freight Pod behavior: without one, a fleet cannot move raw minerals
  • Fixed a bug related to removing the Anti-Gravity device in the Shipyard
  • Added MouseWheel support to ListBoxes and ComboBoxes
  • Fixed a bug allowing an Alien to build a PlanetCannon while fighting on that planet
  • Fixed a bug in the auto-updater where the popup to close an already open StarKnights client would keep appearing until all applications were closed
  • Fixed a bug allowing some goods to accumulate up to negative amounts!
  • Invade Allied Planet now defaults to No
  • Invade Enemy Planet now defaults to Yes
  • You may now use Y and N as hotkeys in the DialogBoxes
  • Changed the quatity slider steps to 1, 5, 25, 33, 100, ALL in the Starport
  • Fixed the problem of reloading a mission after failing a mission
  • Locked buildings created by some local missions are now usable again
New in v0.9.9.21
  • Changed the Freight Pod behavior: without one, a fleet can only load Structures
  • Removing a component from a ship in the Shipyard now automatically pops the screen to add a new component
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.20
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.19
  • DarkKnights can now upgrade their Attack skill with fewer XPs
  • It is now impossible to create an unlimited number of probe fleets from a Planet Cannon
  • Updated to the latest version of the zlib (compression library)
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.18
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.17
  • Several minor bugfixes (many thanks to Qix for finding many of those!)
New in v0.9.9.16
  • Added hypertext support in chat window
  • Added a 2 minutes per turn game creation setting
  • Fixed a synchronisation issue on a fight end when both players are online
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.13
  • The game now uses port 22225
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.12
  • Retreating from an attack now always brings you back where the fleet was before the attack
  • You may now capture dead players' colonies at any time.
  • Added shortcut keys to the buildings in the system view.
  • Updated the Tutorial mission
  • A few minor bugfixes
New in v0.9.9.11
  • Added a new ship, The Tervunen! Many thanks to Malinois for providing the images
  • Increased the speed at which laser beams travel
  • When travelling into a Stargate affected by the No-Kill rule, you longer return back to the starting point
  • Plus a few minor bugfixes
New in v0.999
  • Added the Production Bonus to the Production Report
  • Changed the stats of the SRX-K, the Battlecruiser, the Archdeacon and the Shamrock
  • Fixed a few small bugs, thanks to Hades, Qix, Brutus, Malinois and many others
New in v0.998
  • Made the chat buffer larger
  • You may now save the chat log using the /save command
  • You may now purchase multiple freighters at once at the Tradepost
  • Only armed fighters will now be selected when using shift-dbl-click in combats
  • The Universe Map now remember its last position
  • The Universe Map will show yellow links when protected by a planet cannon
  • Fixed the rounding error when computing flight time
  • Fixed an export bug where some items might not get exported if many items were set to export
  • Fixed a bug where some ship stopped moving after a combat preventing to salvage ship parts
  • Fixed a bug where the allied cannon was firing at his allies when you attacked it
  • One may no longer commit suicide by placing an escape pod on top of a battle point
New in v0.997
  • Added pirates icons to the Universe Map
  • Many small bug fixes and adjustements suggested by Hades and Qix/Bagus (many thanks to them!)
New in v0.996
  • You can now abort the construction of a Mine
  • Level 1 players start with an Extra Warp drive
  • Added flight time left in the Shipyard
  • Bug fix: Now can't attack a home sector before NK if the owner has left a probe or fleet on the gate planet
  • Many small bug fixes and adjustements suggested by Qix/Bagus (many thanks to him!)
  • Fixed an Illegal Operation bug
New in v0.994-5
  • Many small bug fixes and adjustements from the last major update (v0.993)
New in v0.993
  • Major revamp of the Online Combat subsystem
  • Added a Production Report
  • Added a confirmation box (with stats!!) when clicking the end turn button in Internet games
  • Retreating while defending a planet cannon will now surrender the planet to the attacker
  • Chat box now remembers its "pinned" status
  • Added greyed out buttons for when a building is not available to build
  • Added the fleet name when hovering a fleet in the System View
  • Local missions will appear greyed out until they become available
  • The reports now show the name of the fleet instead of the name of the Admiral Ship
  • Adding fighter ships to a fleet doesn't resets the flight time, the warning about it is now gone
  • Put back the Retreat Button in the Melee screen when the fleet is out of flight time unit
  • Added a loading screen when loading local missions
  • A fleet can no longer warp through a Stargate while trapped in an enemy shield
  • Modified the Planet Cannon "bullets" appearance
  • Fixed the aim of weapons
  • Added helper when no hulls are available to select (when creating a fleet)
  • Added helper when building a facility need importing Structures
  • Added the number of hit points in the Planet Shield menu
  • Optimized Freigther Protocol Data (smaller game files and faster game download)
  • Changed the weight and price of a few mineral resources
  • Fixed a few typos
  • (server) Fixed a bug occuring when 2 players were attacking an alien at once
New in v0.992
  • Retreating now costs 5 Flight Time Units.
  • Reduced the number of available slots on the Battlecruiser from 12 to 10.
  • Increased the cost of the Strange Module from 18 000 to 24 000.
  • Increased the number of available slots on the Falcon from 5 to 6.
  • Reduced the cost of Valkorh from 12 to 10 Ship Structures
  • Fixed a synchronization bug that could be used to get free components (thanks to a honest player :)
New in v0.991
  • Changed how bigger packets are handled
  • Fixed a bug with the ChatBox drop down when keyboard keys were used.
New in v0.99
  • Changed the way energy and time accumulates into buildings
  • The server now supports bigger packets - that should fix the problem of very large game not saving properly
  • Small adjustments here and there...
New in v0.98
  • Retreating to a planet where there is (only) an enemy probe is now allowed
  • Probes may now spy enemy colonies
  • Establishing a new colony gives XPs only to players level 0-2
  • Fixed a bug on the server causing a game to get corrupted when created.
  • Fixed the RiftJack's ram
New in v0.97
  • The Attack Result window is now closed automatically after 1 minute
  • You may now leave (unjoin) a game that hasn't started yet!
  • Added a warning when you end your turn if you have too many freighter routes
  • A new dialog box will tell you how flight time works instead of going into negative flight time
  • Added a confirmation box for invading the outmost planet upon arriving on a new sector
  • Improved the Setup application
New in v0.96
  • Clicking on the fleet icon when 2 fleets are on the same planet will toggle among the fleets
  • Tradepost is now disabled for players who lost...
  • You may now set a minimum level of 10
  • Improved online synchronisation
New in v0.95
  • Added Line splitting to the chat box
  • Production bonus is now applied when an item is added multiple time in a queue (even if Repeat mode is off)
  • The Alien Comm Skill's maximum is now 9 (there is no alien tech 10)
  • Sorting planets in the Reports now use the sector name first
  • Attacking with insufficient flight time can now lead to negative flight time (for fairness)
  • Lots of small fixes, adjustments and cosmetic changes
  • (FSGS Version Only) Added Net-Games technology to the Chat box
New in v0.9
  • Lots of small fixes, adjustments and cosmetic changes
  • Missiles now have ranges
  • Revamped the storyline for Merchant, StarKnights and DarkKnights missions (Thanks Gorde)
New in v0.8
  • Revamped the storyline for Navigator missions (Thanks Gorde) - more to come!
  • Made the Tutorial simpler
  • Tradepost inacessible until you get one trade skill point
  • You can't upgrade a skill if you have a flashing 'Level Up' button...
  • And a few small fixes...
New in v0.71
  • Fixed an auto-equip bug in Melee Mode
  • Made sure the proper account is transfered to offline play
New in v0.7
  • Revamped the storyline for Republican missions (Thanks Gorde) - more to come!
  • Multiplayer melee synchronization further improved
  • Segregated local and online accounts
  • You can now disband Probe fleets
  • You now need to wait before attacking a player already involved in a combat (Pedro's)
New in v0.61
  • Larger ships of same level can now replace a flag ship
  • Multiplayer melee synchronization further improved (Thanks Paioroka)
  • You now need a Starport to start building facilities without any available Structures
  • The Shiyard now starts its building queue after being upgraded
New in v0.6
  • You may now use build orders for buildings
  • You may now cancel the construction of a building
  • CargoBays and Escape Pods no longer require the Alien Communication Skill
  • CargoBays are now cheaper
  • Made Advanced Generators cheaper
  • Improved/Added several error messages
  • Added Bloodbath mission
  • Added 2nd briefing page
  • Added Game Options:
    • No pirate
    • No play on weekends
    • No kill until turn t
  • Fixed a few small glitches + internal cleanups
New in v0.53
  • Added Ship AutoEquip to Melee Mode
  • Removed (DarkKnights can kill starting from turn 185)
  • Updated Retreat location algorythm
  • Multiplayer melee synchornization further improved (Thanks to Paioroka & ColtNavy51)
New in v0.52
  • DarkKnights can kill starting from turn 185
  • Multiplayer melee synchronization further improved
  • Players level 1 now has a class 5 limit for planet shields
  • Players level 2 now has a class 10 limit for planet shields
  • Players level 3 now has a class 15 limit for planet shields
  • Updated Retreat location algorythm
  • Wasp is now a class 1 ship
  • Fixed a possible machine hang when looking at the HOF (?)
  • Fixed an Illegal Operation error when resisting an alien attack
  • Alien shouldn't be able to build ship his level won't allow now
New in v0.51
  • Added the last 5 missions
  • Minor adjustements and bug fixes...
New in v0.5
  • Minor adjustements...
New in v0.49
  • Done some serious multiplayer testing: several Illegal Operation fixes
  • Changed invisibile ship behavior
  • Added the German module
  • Improved a few local missions...
New in v0.48
  • Added the first 2 local campaings
  • Added Cheats (eheh)
    Create a new Character named HolyKnight. Green with the KS logo... 
    Send a message to yourself:
    	"Oh I wish I was a Merchant"
    	"If only youngters had the knowledge"
    	"What's under the christmas tree?"
  • Few Illegal Operation Fixes
  • Changed the Falcon and StarRover specs...
New in v0.47
  • Worked the Auto-Equip feature some more :)
  • May now see enemy home sectors in the Universe Map
  • Shift-Dbl click selects all fighters in Melee
  • Games can now be sorted against the speed properly
  • Right-Click can be used to move a fleet
  • The right panel can be used to view a colony in the Universe Map
New in v0.46
  • Added the Russian language module!
  • Updated the Tutorial
  • Fixed the Auto-Equip ship feature
  • Few Illegal Operation Fixes and lots of small fixes :)
New in v0.45
  • Added the Characters pictures and XPs on the Sector View
  • Added info in the Turn Report window
  • You now start with 5 Ship Structures, with enough materials to build 5 more!
  • Fixed Illegal Operation errors...
  • Ships in the Melee screen now all start as selected
  • You may now escape a planet cannon trap by entering a stargate
  • Available components are automatically installed on a ship when adding it to a fleet
  • Added Fighter Galore mission
New in v0.44
  • Added Exit Confirmation when pressing ESC
  • AI will match your fleet's value in Melee Mode
  • Can disband fleets...
  • Added a SendMail button in the GameDetails window
  • Added Artefact Monopolis mission
  • Optimized the Colony Report to support more planets (now unlimited number?)
  • You can use Structures stored on a fleet to upgrade a Planet Cannon
  • Made Local Mission 4 easier... ;)
New in v0.43
  • Multiple freighters can now dispatched at once to a planet for a single good
  • AI can now build Dark Moons :)
  • You now start with 250 flight unit (500 for Navigators)
  • Change the default import/export settings
  • Reduced the power consumption of the missiles
  • Made advanced weapons cheaper
  • Added Planet Cannons to the Weapon Shop!!
  • Ships now have 20 more base hit points
  • Made Factories cheaper
  • Made DarkMoons, Juggernauts and Blitzkrieg more expensive
  • AI attemps to upgrade its Shipyard sooner
  • Ship images are now uncached after each battle
  • Minor corrections here and there... :)
New in v0.42
  • Localized the missions
  • Reduced the costs of Planet Cannon Upgrades
  • Increased the power of the Planet Shields
  • Small fixes
  • Added to the Help system
New in v0.41
  • Freighters now ordered with priority on the most advanced items first
  • Added a shotcut to build a required building
  • Republican's freighters can now carry up to 33 items at once
  • Players show sorted on the stats screen
  • Added a Reset option (under the Player tab on the server screen)
  • and... as always...
  • Fixed Illegal Operation bugs
  • Fine-tuned the Alien :)
New in v0.40x
  • (0.405) The "No-Kill Rule" is now that one can't defeat a fleet in its home sector before Turn 200
  • Fixed Illegal Operation bugs
  • Fine-tuned the Alien :)
New in v0.4
  • Improved AI
  • Prices less sensible for market fluctuation for components and hulls
  • Export orders are automatically set when capturing Pirate planets.
  • Added and improved several sound effets and voices
  • Added numbers and bonus info in the Resource Colony box.
  • When the Admiral is forced to flee in Escape Pod, you no longer lose the other fleets
  • Improved control in Melees
  • Added the missing help files
  • If ever the combat does't end on its own, "retreat" will trigger it...
  • Added a few automation features with export/imports
  • Fixed the missing fleet bug (Thanks to Phoenix999, Mystik, and others!)
  • Fixed a tradepost bug (Thanks to ColtNavy, Paioroka, Phobos)
  • Fixed a Stargate pass-through bug (Thanks to Atom8494)
  • Fixed several display glitches...
New in v0.33
  • Improved control in Melees
  • Ships parts are now left on the planet when unassigning a ship
  • Fixed the missing fleet bug (#2)
  • Fixed the "reverting back" colonies bug
  • Fixed an Illegal Operation bug in the new Tutorial
  • Fixed a few minor errors
New in v0.321
  • Updated the Tutorial
  • Fixed a few minor errors
New in v0.32
  • Fixed the missing fleet bug (#1)
  • Republicans now start with one more point of extraction
  • Fixed a few localization errors
  • Fixed several misc. errors
New in v0.31
  • Added localization support (text string moved in .lng modules)
  • You can now attack planet and probes again before turn 200 (but not main fleets)
  • Game's windows behavior modified
  • Made the pirate ships a little stronger
  • Fixed the misplaced hotspot cursor bug (occured when changing resolution)
  • Fixed the Pirate galore bug :)
  • Fixed several English errors (Thanks to Hezekiah and C17GMaster)
  • Fixed several misc. errors
New in v0.304
  • Modified the behavior of the chat button
  • Fixed the 0 flight time bug
  • You can now disband planet and probe fleets
  • Fixed a capture bug when retreating
New in v0.3
  • (0.303)Added a chat icon on melee and netgames screens
  • (0.303)Fixed the missing planets bug when starting a game
  • (0.302)Reduced the size of the information sent to the server (should be much faster)
  • (0.301)Attacking Pirate fleet: combat should start faster
  • You might not attack an enemy fleet before turn 200 (duh!)
  • You now start a game with more credits and a small supply of Coal
  • Modified the balance of a few components
  • Destroying ships gives less components but gives Ship Struct.
  • Comp. and Ship. Struct can now be found on Pirate planets
  • Redesigned Local Melees
  • Added Online Melees!
  • Replaced a few sounds
  • Made the game harder to hack
  • Planet Shields now has 150 hit points (+50)
  • Merchants start with 2 extra Freighters
  • Fixed a few bugs related to real-time combats
  • Fixed several minor bugs...
New in v0.24
  • Now costs less XPs to improve characters natural skills
  • Replaced a few sounds
  • Added more help in the Tutorial mission
  • Fixed an overflow bug when downloading a game with huge numbers of freighters
  • Fixed a Qty bug introduced in v0.23 (Ewps!)
New in v0.23
  • A newly created fleet now begins with 100 moves
  • Adding a ship into a fleet brings down the number of moves to 100
  • Added keyboard shortcuts in the Sector View
  • Added a delay when retreating
  • Added text lines while in combat
  • Added Mail icon on the NetGames screen
  • Added Mail to Alliance option (previously saved mails no longer readable)
  • Pirates no longer appears after a while...
  • Early turns are now 'played' when a player joins after the game begun
  • Planet Shields now only gives planets more hit points
  • Fixed the 255 freigher limit (saved game now useless :)
  • Removed some flickers in the Sector View screen
  • Warp Factor now applied to the fleet instead of to a ship
  • Removed debug info: games faster to load
  • Made the game harder to hack
  • Some Illegal Operation fixes
New in v0.22
  • Modified the price and the specifications of many ships
  • The StingerB is now a fighter you can equip with 2 Light Cannons!
  • Use the Skid to salvage floating components!
  • and the Marauder to move Cargo around without a Cargo Bay
  • Fixed the TradeMaster bug for good :)
  • Fixed the attacking Escape Pod bug
  • (v0.21 to v0.214) LOTS of Illegal Operation fixes
New in v0.21
  • Added Direct Transfers support for real-time Head-2-Head combats! (Online Melees Coming!!)
  • Fixed a GUI leak that caused the game to crash after a while on some systems (Big thanks to Junkyman!!)
  • Added sanity code to prevent Illegal Operation errors
  • Base Shield Energy and Weapon Energy now depends on the Hull class
  • Fixed the not buying TradeMaster bug
  • Fixed the DoubleWeapon bug, now truly yields twice damage
  • Riftjack's ram delivers less damage
  • H)old bug fixed
  • Selecting ships in combat made easier
  • Added Multi-Missile Rack (level 8 gadget)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a player to have more fleets than the leadership skill allowed
  • Fixed the reaffect bug that allowed a bigger ship to be added in a lesser fleet
  • Added an Option to disable animations
New in v0.20
  • Added Music tracks!
  • Added more sound effects
  • Added advanced gadgets
  • Added a wide selector feature to the real-time combats
  • Added Component jettisoning in combats
  • Added a few local mode missions
  • Added SoundFX support with waveOut (So it can work without DirectX)
  • Lasers don't annihilate each other anymore in combats
  • Added more help pages
  • Added a Member Alliance screen
  • Added 6 local missions
  • And, as always, several bugs were fixed... :)
New in v0.14
  • Added several Internet Missions
  • Alliances updates
  • Combats updates
  • Killing ships give less XPs
  • Probe can no longer attack other probes :)
  • Planet names now saved properly on the server
  • Can now delete a freighter route right from the fleet report
  • Lots small fixes here and there...
New in v0.13
  • Sounds added! (more to come)
  • Alliances added!
  • Smarter ship behavior in combat :)
  • Several small fixes here and there...
  • Lots of updates on the server software
New in v0.12
  • The Import/Export settings are set automatically when erecting a building
  • Improved the Alien AI
  • The Admiral Fleet can now break any planet shield defense.
  • Added a spin button to skip several turns with one click (local mode)
  • Help Files updates
  • Many features were completed
  • Lots of fixes, big and small, and adjustements...
New in v0.11
  • Changed the behavior of the fighter ships in combat
  • Added tutorial boxes for some screen of the game
  • A few features were completed
  • Lots of fixes, big and small...
New in v0.1
  • First Public Release !