StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 9

Install a Planet Cannon on the outermost planet of the Stargate's Solar System

As we discovered with the Probe, there are no enemies in the sectors around here, but we can assume they are somewhere in the Universe and we shall be ready when they come.

We know they'll have to come through the Stargate, these gates are the only way a fleet can travel between sectors. So, if we can add protection on it, we will be able to use it as a stronghold to block any invading fleet.

Bring a few Structures with you and build a Planet Cannon on the outermost (the first planet from the right) planet where the Stargate is in our Home Sector. That should do the trick for a while... All incoming fleets will need to challenge our Cannons and win before they can access our sectors and invade our colonies and home world.

Here's the outermost planet, where
enemies will warp in...

Quickly, I built a Solar
Plant and a Planet Cannon

Many upgrades can be
purchased on the Cannon...

[I'm ready to expand! >>]