StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 6

Buy Carbon Fiber and Advanced Chips from the Tradepost and produce one Ship Structure

It would be a great advantage to be able to explore the neighbor sectors as soon as possible. We'll build a Probe and launch it through the Stargate and take a peek to the other sectors. All we need to build a Probe is a Ship Structure.

We could wait until we have enough Carbon Fiber and Electronic Chips available but let's say we're in a rush and that we won't have all the materials required to build a Ship Structure early enough. So just buy them directly from the Tradepost. So click the Tradepost button from the Sector View and 'Buy' the required components. We'll need 3 Carbon Fiber units and 3 Advanced Chips.

Importing goods from the tradepost requires the Freighters 1 turn. You can use the Freighter report to look this up. Then the Factory will need 3 turns to produce a Ship Structure. Just click 'End Turn' a few times and watch the production progress. We'll need that Ship Structure on our Home Planet so don't export it!

Ahh... here's the dreadful Tradepost. I came here using the Tradepost button on the main screen

I select 'Advanced Chip' from the list at the left. Then click 'Buy'...

Bought 3 items of each and 'End'ed my turn. The Freighter Reports tell me they are being imported on my Home Planet

3 more turns later, the Ship Structure is almost complete.

[Let me use that Ship Structures! >>]