StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 2

Colonize a Volcanic planet and build a Foundry.

Steel is a useful material from which we can build Structures and then buildings and facilities.

Steel is produced by melting Iron and Coal. This is done in a Foundry. Thus, it seems like a good idea to establish a colony on a Volcanic Planet (or a Crater Field Planet) and build a Foundry. Move your fleet to such a planet with ample supplies of Iron and install a Resource Colony (click the Res. Colony button just below the landscape, at the left). A Resource Colony is the facility that extracts the ore from a planet and packs it in crates for the other buildings and colonies to use. You'll need one too as well as a Solar Plant and a Starport for the Foundry to run. If there's no suitable planet for a Foundry orbiting your home sun, travel to the nearby solar systems (use the 'M' key or the 'Move' button). There ought to be at least a few in the sector.

At some point, you might notice a Pirate Fleet near your Home Planet. There's nothing to worry about. Pirates won't hassle you unless you attempt to invade their colonies.

What a chance! A Volcanic
planet next to my Homeworld
with ample supplies of Iron.

We build a few buildings
and they are ready the next turn.

Sometimes, Pirate fleets
show up in the vicinity.

[Got the Foundry running, what's next? >>]