StarKnights Tutorial

StarKnights is a very rich and complex game. It was designed so that one can easily learn the basics but also that mastering the game should be never-ending quest! There always are many ways to achieve the same results. From experience, I can tell each game you'll play will be unique and always more thrilling and challenging then the previous one! Stay tuned: the game is worth it!

This Tutorial will show you the basics and will lead you through the completion of 13 simple objectives. In just a few minutes, you'll be able to build a small empire from scratch and explore surrounding sectors. The missions following this Tutorial will teach you how to build and arm your ships and defeat your enemies.

To get the first objective, have a look at your Home Sun, click 'Close', have a look at your Home Sector and then end your turn. (Press 'E' or click the 'End Turn' button).

Create your character and
start the Tutorial Mission!

Listen carefully to
the Cigar Smoker!

Have a look at your
Home Planet and 'Close'.

Have a look at your
Home Star and 'end Turn'.

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