StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 10

Build a Warp Drive

Your probe entered an adjacent sector because it was equipped properly. Your fleet, however, cannot. It lacks a certain component: the Warp Drive. Go to a Wetlands planet and create a Warp Laboratory. You'll need to build a Starport and stock Structures on the planet first since your fleet can't carry the required 100 structures all at once. Wait ten turns as the slow construction process takes place. Then, in the Tradepost, purchase one Magnetic Cell, one NanoStructure, and 5 Component Structures (if you do not have some already from the factory on your homeworld). Import them to the Warp Laboratory and build a Warp Drive I. Let the colony Export this drive and wait for it to arrive in the tradepost.

Of course, we could purchase a Warp Drive directly from the Tradepost. But let's say we do it the long way this time...

By the way, did you know that Admirals playing the Navigator characters always start with a Warp Drive! Cool, huh?

Found a Wetlands planet and built a Solar Plant and a Starport. I moved the rest of my Structure onto the planet the turn after and went to pick up another load of Structures...

Found a Wetlands planet and spent 110 Structures.

Uh Oh... What are all those exotic materials?!

Looks like I'll need to do some shopping again... :)

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