StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 13

Gather 4000 trade credits!

You have developed most of the skills you need to survive a game of StarKnights. There is just one more that you may or may not already have experience with - raising quick cash. To pay the loans on your StarKnights Tutorial tuition, raise 4000 trade credits in the tradepost (done by selling unneeded commodities). Merchants, starting with additional money, will have little difficulty achieving this. When you get this money, end your turn. You have graduated from the tutorial

Note: If you have large quantities of items on your planets that are doing nothing, set your planets to export these. The resources will go to the tradepost, and you can sell them there. Structures sell for quite a bit, as do the components on your ships. Your ship hulls go for great prices as well. If you need to sell them to get this money, nothing will be done to stop you.

Yet more Pirate bashing...

... to sell the extra components!

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