StarKnights Tutorial - Objective 13

Congratulations, Mission Complete!

Not bad at all Admiral. You'll see, with just a little more experience, you'll feel able enough to rule the Universe!

On most missions however, you won't start building an empire from scratch, instead you will already have a sizable fleet and empire right from the start.

The next few missions are tutorial missions too that will lead you to a final assault against an evil alien. The Final version of the game will have other more thrilling campaigns and a real storyboard of course. :)

Until then, please come play with us online! You don't need to have mastered the game to give it a try, it's free. Have a look at the Star Knights Website too, ask if you can join an alliance. You can learn a great deal by playing the game in teams and chatting with others...!

Good luck, Admiral.

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