Character Abilities

Use this screen to set up your character's skills.

(Click an element of the image for a description)
1. Player Info Show your character's name, and its personality.
2. Experience Points Experience points are gained with different actions in a game , (like destroy a fleet). You have here the total amount of XP your character has gained, and the number of XP free you can use to buy abilities.
3. Character Level Your level is automaticly calculated with the total amount of your character's XP. When you gain a level, a button will appear to allow you to Level-Up. The number of XP you need to gain the next level, is written next to your current level.
4.Ability Name List all the ability's names. When it is printed in dark gray, it says your personality doesn't have access to this ability.
5. Ability Level Show your character's current level in each ability. The number to the right is the top level that is allowed by your personality.
5. Ability Description This is a simple description of the alibity.
5. Level XP Cost This informs you how much XP each ability will cost. The higher the level, the more expensive it will be.
5. Ability Level Up When you have enough XP to buy an ability, a green button will appear next to the ability. If you click on it, you will gain level in this ability, and the ability's cost will be subtracted from your free XP.