Colony Report

Manage your colonies!

This report presents all your colonies. For each of them, you can see its name, picture, the buildings are facilities built on them, the fleets orbiting it and goods in stock.

Combo Boxes

Use the 3 combo boxes at the top of the window to filter which colonies you want to see. For example, if you want to find your Nuclear Plants, simply select 'Nuclear Plant' from the Building Combo Box and leave the other 2 at their default values.


Each good the planet has in stock as well as required and produced goods are shown by its icon. The number on the icon is the amount of that good you have on the planet.

The number below is the difference between the amount produced and the amount of that good required on the planet. If the number is positive, it means the planet produce more than it requires: set an export order! On the other hand, if the number is negative, your planet requires more of that good that it can produce: set an import order! If the number is shown in red, there's a shortage: import more of that good!