Create Game

Select the mission and the settings of the game YOU wish to play!


The mission defines the victory conditions and the initial setup of the game. Pay close attention to the briefing screen since it gives valuable information on how to win the game.


Choose a name for your game.


This is the speed of the game. It shows the amount of time between each 'turn'. For example, at 60 sec/turn, your fleet will gain flight time each 60 seconds... If you play to play the game only once per day, join game with a speed of 30 min/turn or slower. Turns accumulates when you're not already in the game to play them.


The minimum number of players required speficy when the to start the clock for that particular game. Players can still join the game after it has started until the maximum number of players is reached.


If you want to setup a private game, enter a password here. Then tell the password to the players you want to join your game.


This shows the minimum and maximum level players may have to join this game.


Choose whether you want this to be an allied game (team play) or a free for all game. Of course, to play an allied game, you need to be in an alliance first!