Use this box to chat with other players online with you!

Just type in text and click 'Enter' or click the 'Send' button! The drop-down combo is used to send prefabricated lines (edit the chat.txt file).

You may pin the windows on the screen using the pin control at the top left of the window. The other control at the top (right) is used to filter out server messages and to remove the colors.

Here are 3 special commands the server understands:

/wholist the players who are on the same chat channel than you
/whoalllist all the players logged into the server
/msg [player] [msg]send a private [msg] to [player]. [Player] may be in another channel.
/msg allies [msg]send a private [msg] to all allies in the game.
/savesave the chat log into the chatlog.txt file.