Alien Tech

Compiled By Merchant Hezekiah

Level 1

Anti-Radar Jammer1000105 This device cancels the effects of the Radar Jammer. It can be placed on any ship in the fleet, and is always active.
Cargo Pod3000250 A large container used to carry any goods on the ship.
Escape Pod2000220 A survival unit which rescues your fleet if the Flag Ship is destroyed. It must be installed on the Flag Ship.

Level 2

Radar Jammer2000180 This device confuses the radar of the enemy during combat. The enemy won't see the ship on the radar if a jammer is used.
Salvage Pod3000350 This is a robotic device that allows a ship to pickup jettisonned ship components. (This thing is worth every cent, because you can sell the components you get with it.)
Fighter Bay35001800 This device is a large support bay which allows a ship to carry several smaller fighter ships. (i.e. you can carry 5 Mosquitos, Stingers, or StingerBs.)

Level 3

Auto Destrcution2000100 This device is a powerful explosive device that activates when the ship is destroyed. All nearby ships absorb splash damage. (A really cool thing to do with this is to put one of these on a Mosquito. Then bring the Mosquito into the battle front and right up to a group of ships. When the Mosquito blows up sometimes it can take out a Corvette!)
OverDrive6000500 This device is an engine supercharging system which doubles the total propulsion.
Freight Pod3000425 A pod launcher allowing a ship in orbit to send or pick-up freight to or from a planet without the need of a starport. (The key thing is that you can only use this device on your own planents. You also need a cargo pod to store what you pick up.)

Level 4

Side Thrusters250065 This device will double a ship's turn rate. It can be very useful in real-time combats. (This thing is almost a must for any ship from Blitzkreig and above! Note: Putting more than one of these on a ship gives no extra benifit than using just one. I've tested that on a battle cruiser.)
Anti-Missile7000350 This device is a cannon that destroys all incoming enemy missiles before they hit the ship. (This device uses the ships power each time it kills a missile. If you run out of power, then it won't work until you get enough again.)
Low Illusion2500110 The Low Illusion is a holographic projector giving the illusion of a smaller ship than reality. (WARNING: This device randomly picks a ship hull smaller than the real ship and makes the real ship display as the slected hull. The problem is that if you attack once, then retreat, and then attack again the ship may appear as a different hull the second time. This appears quite fishy to a human!

Level 5

High Illusion2500110 The High Illusion is a holographic projector giving the illusion of a bigger ship than reality. (The same warning that aplies to the Low Illusion also aplies to the High Illusion. The false hull is random, and may be different in different attacks.)
Anti-Gravity8000-2000 The Anti-Gravity is an advanced device which reduces the weight of the cargo a ship can carry. (However, when you put one of these on a ship you can't put a component on the ship if it's heavier than the ship's max weight. Example: I put an Anti-Grav on a Shuttle. I can't put a Double Laser Batterie on the Shuttle because the max weight of the Shuttle is 1675. But I could put 2 Laser Batteries on it if I had the slots.)

Level 6

Shield Add-On15000235This is an add-on unit that boosts power of ship's shield. (This unit should double your ship's defense. I haven't used this device yet, but it looks like a really good buy.)
Cloaking Device10000310This device makes your ship invisible in real-time combats. (However, from what I've seen this thing is nearly useless. The reason is that any AI controled ship will spot and attack this ship if it wants to. Thus, if a player wants to kill your ship all he has to do is set his ships on Auto-Pilot an they'll do it for him! This device may have a couple of uses, but for the money you have to pay, and the majority of the time, I'd say it isn't worth it.)

Level 7

Second Chance1000050This device will completely recharge a ship's shield when it is taken down. It works only once. (If you have a ship with plenty of shields this could be VERY beneficial!)
Weapon Add-on7000235This device is an add-on unit that boosts the power of ship's weapons. (This unit should double the power of your weapons. If you have lots of weapons already, then this unit could be VERY effective.)

Level 8

Multi-Missile Rack8000335This is an array launcher that allows your ship to fly all your missiles at once.

Level 9

Strange Module1800080This device doubles the speed of your ship, the defense of your ship, and the attack of your ship. (This device costs a lot! If you want all of these, are short on slots, (and are filthy rich), I'd advise to use this. However, if you have extra slots to spare, then get the OverDrive, the Shield Add-on, and the Weapon Add-on instead.
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